After Solomon's death, his son, Rehoboam, sat on the throne of a united Israel. In less than a week, everything would change because of one bad decision made on the counsel of some young friends who lacked wisdom. I am reminded of a simple phrase I was taught as a teen: "decisions determine destiny." I admit that I am very thankful for grace, but the principle still stands. Rehoboam is the perfect example, because he had an opportunity to endear himself to all the people of Israel but chose a different route and literally split the kingdom in half. Did the king ever question his decision? Did he return to those young advisers for more counsel after this failure? At times, we read the Scriptures and wonder why in the world a person would make such a bad choice, but as we read this text, we see that God had all this planned before creation began. Even still, Rehoboam had a way out; he could have listened to the men his father and grandfather trusted, but he chose a different path, and his decision determined his destiny. Have you seen that truth played out in your life? It is easy to look back and see those bad decisions that still impact our lives today. Sadly, our current culture sees nothing wrong with those bad decisions and believes that there are no consequences for them. God, however, reveals a completely different reality where our decisions determine our destiny. Before you make a major decision today, seek wise counsel and listen to it as you pray for God's will in that situation.

Help me, Lord, to learn the important truth that decisions determine destiny. Help me to seek wise counsel and listen to it as I strive to stay right in the center of Your will.