Solomon is established as the new king of Israel. After his coronation, God offers the new king one special favor. Everything was on the table from wealth, to fame, to peace with his enemies. Solomon, however, asks for knowledge and wisdom to rule the nation of Israel. God is so pleased with his request that He not only grants it and adds wealth, fame, and peace with his enemies, as well. God honored that promise by bringing incredible prosperity to His people and complete peace throughout the land. Solomon's fame reached even greater heights that his father's, and his influence is still felt today in many of the arts and sciences. This is a man who could have squandered his father's fame and fortune and lived in his shadow throughout perpetuity, but he sought the Lord with sacrifices and made the crucial decision to seek wisdom above anything else in life. We live in a culture that seeks instant gratification with little care for knowledge or wisdom. We live according to our flesh and its sinful desires and somehow think that will lead us to the best life possible. It is actually a lie from our enemy who seeks to stop the spread of the gospel and stop the growth of the saints. As modern-day Christians, we must step back and follow Solomon's example of faith; we must seek knowledge and wisdom above everything else in this life. If we want to raise godly kids, we need His knowledge and wisdom. If we hope to reach our neighborhood with the gospel, we need His knowledge and wisdom. If we hope to have a far better New Year, then we need His knowledge and wisdom. Solomon needed it, and so do I.

Help me, Lord, to seek knowledge and wisdom above everything else in life. Help me to turn away from the cultural norms of my day and follow Your plan for my life and for my family.