God is calling His people to an attitude of submission whether it is in a work situation or when dealing with money.  Paul commands "servants," today we call them employees, to  serve their employers well.  This is another way that a believer can live the gospel at work.  As a matter of fact, I believe that a Christian should be the hardest worker in the office so Jesus can shine even more brightly.  The Apostle's words on money provide an important reminder about the power of money in a person's life.  When we see money as a means to do God's will through tithing, taking care of family, and ministering to those around us, we see it as a good part of life and it does not consume us.  When, however, money is the end of all the means, then it becomes "the root of all evil," because we will do anything to get it and to hold onto it.  Money becomes the god that we worship and serve, and it always leads to destruction.  It taps into our sin nature and manifests itself in greed, jealousy, and even malice towards others.  Paul's challenge to the "money issue" is to do everything with integrity and character knowing that money is just another way God allows us to impact the world around us.  God has absolutely no problem with wealth as long as it fits into the right spot in our lives.  Work hard and do not worship money, those are the powerful truth Paul ends this letter on and pushes us beyond our natural limits to a supernatural view of work and money.  

Help me, Lord, to set an example in my work ethic and my respect for those in authority over me.  Help me to put money in its proper place in my life so that I do not worship it and walk down that path to destruction.