We ask people all the time, "do you feel called to" a specific task or to a specific people? The problem with that question is that it puts the emphasis on feelings and not upon truth. Paul's lists of qualifications for elders/overseers and for deacons are inspired by God Almighty meaning they are his qualifications, not the Apostle's. Feelings and emotions lie to us, change continually, and can push us towards disobedience. The truth, however, sets us free. As you read through that list of qualifications, it is easy to see that many do not fit God's mold for these leadership positions within His church. People seem to forget that God has plenty of opportunities for service within His local church which do not have those qualifications attached to them. The goal is not to reach some imaginary spiritual plateau that leaves us lonely and unprotected; instead our goal is to find where God wants us to serve and then dive in with all our minds, might, and strength. How do I find where God wants me to serve? First, i must know my gifts to figure out where I best fit into God's kingdom work. Next, I must give everything to the place where God has called me. Finally, He must continue to be pre-eminent in all that I am and all that I do. If you do not fulfill the qualifications of an elder/overseer or deacon, do not fret...God has a rich and wonderful plan for your life and ministry within His local church.

Help me, Lord, to seek Your truth above my emotions and feelings. Help me to find that place You have called me to so I can plug my gifts into Your local church.