Corporate worship can be an interesting hour or so, because we are all unique in our preparation and presentation of worship. Paul's words might sting a little especially when he says, "I want men in every place to pray, lifting holy hands, without wrath and dissension." Paul's point is that men (husbands, fathers, fiances, guardians, etc) need to lead their family to worship and during worship and not sit back and let "the wife" take care of it. As a matter of fact, Paul, who is inspired by the Spirit, commands women to take a lesser role in teaching worship to their children and those around them. Sadly, many ladies today feel compelled to teach their children to worship because their husband will not. This by the way is not a negative reflection upon women, they are doing what their children need most; instead it is a negative reflection of men in the early church and in our post-modern churches. Paul reminds us that God provided our "Ransom" and our "Mediator." In Christ, we find no men, women, slaves or free, but in this, God clearly expects men to step up and lead their families to worship and then teach them how to worship. We should be lifting holy hands to the Lord, because He has made them holy through the sacrifice of His Son. We should be singing those praises to the Lord, and we should teach our children the importance of giving as an act of worship. Until we get this right, God's church in the United States will never prosper, and we will never see a true revival. Come on, men, step up and be the man God created you to be! Your girlfriends, fiances, wives, and children need you!

Help me, Lord, to be the man You have created me to be. Help me to lead my family to corporate worship and then in how to worship You corporately with fellow believers.