Have you ever thought of yourself as someone's "joy" or "glory"? As Paul finishes this chapter, that is exactly what he calls the believers in Thessalonica. Why would he call them that? He called them his "joy" and his "glory," because of their surrender to the cross of Christ, and their faithful walk with Him. Paul knows they listened to his message and are now walking in the way he has taught them meaning they are the "glory" of his ministry. They show the world not only what he teaches but more importantly Who he serves. Are you honoring the teaching you received from your parents or your pastor or your teachers? Would they see you as their "joy" and their "glory"? It is so easy to hear truth and to dispel it as a lie because it does not fit into our plans or fulfill our need for acceptance. The problem is: this is not about you; this is all about God's work in you which should become obvious to all those around you. We should be His "joy" and His "glory" simply because we walk in obedience to His Word. Is that a good description of your life at this moment? I know it can be difficult to stand up for God and His Word, but remember, it is not about you; it is all about Him and the life-changing work He can do in people's lives.

Help me, Lord, to honor the teaching I received from family, from school, and from church. Help me to reveal Your incredible love and power to all those I come in contact with today.