I completely understand that the main thrust of this chapter is Saul being anointed as the first king of Israel. This is a monumental moment in Israel's history, but something else caught my attention. Did you notice how comfortable Samuel was when it came to hearing God's voice? People have told me that God has not spoken to them in years, but Samuel heard His voice on a consistent basis. God tells him exactly where he needs to be and tells him to look for a specific person. He is starting something new in Israel and Samuel is the catalyst for this change. In their minds, Israel desperately needed a king and begged Samuel for one. Now, God has spoken directly to the priest about how to make that happen. What if Samuel stopped listening to the all-knowing voice of God and acted on his own accord? He would definitely have never met Saul or understood his role in Israel's future. How often do you hear God's voice? He speaks in multiple ways, but all center around His Word. He speaks when we read it daily. He speaks when we hear it preached weekly. He speaks while we pray and when we meditate on the truths of His Word. God loves to speak to His kids and will gladly do so on a consistent basis. Sadly, our sin and flesh often clog our ears and stop us from hearing Him.

Help me, Lord, to listen carefully for that still, small voice. Help me to hear Your voice on a daily basis so You can lead me in every step I take.