We love God's presence in our lives unless we are choosing to live in sin as a Christian. God is still in there, but we are in "me" mode and only doing what we want to do. He is constantly reminding you, convicting you, and calling you back, but you fight for your sin and create difficulties for yourself. The Israelites had the Ark of the Covenant back in their possession, but they struggled greatly seemingly because of it. When the final judge, Samuel, steps onto the scene, he immediately sees the problem. These people are calling out and crying out to God for deliverance, but they are still worshiping Baal and Ashteroth. Their loyalty is divided, and God is not having any part of it. He lets them experience every consequence of every sin so they can compare it to a life lived by faith. The people hear Samuel's words and respond appropriately. They put away the Baal and the Ashteroth and started walking with God. He immediately shows His power in their lives ending their complaints completely. Are you crying out to God for answers or for help with seemingly no response whatsoever? Could it be that you have put something in God's place in your life to the point that He is backing off and waiting for your return? God loves us too much to condone sin. So before you cry out to Him, deal with the sin that has ruled your life in recent days, weeks, or months.

Help me, Lord, to walk by faith and not in my flesh. Help me to always remember the incredible difference You make in my life when You are sitting on Your throne.