The Philistines hold onto the Ark of the Covenant for seven months. The boils and the rats have infested their land, and they believe that it is all because of the God of Israel. They test their theory by putting two cows that have never been "yoked" into a yoke and send them towards Israel. When the Ark arrived safely within Israel's territory, they knew without question, it was a work of Yahweh. When the Ark arrives in Israel, seventy men die because they do not have a clue what the Law says about the Ark. Even though they live in the land of Yahweh-followers, they are ignorant to the truth of His Word and pay the ultimate price. Their ignorance literally killed them. I fear we can still say that today! Even though the United States has been labeled a "Christian" nation for most of its existence, her citizens are totally ignorant to God's Word and His way of life. They have succumbed to the culture and not studied the Scriptures. Are you taking the time to read, study, and meditate upon God's Word every single day? Doing so actually helps us deviate from sin and delivers us from the temptations of our culture and our flesh. We should not blame the Philistines for their sinful activity, because they were not followers of Yahweh, but the Israelites had no excuse, because they had the Law and chose not to read it.

Help me, Lord, to prioritize Your Word above all other activities in my day. Help me to read, study, and meditate daily on Your Word so that I can discern right and wrong in this culture.