In celebration of their victory over Israel, the Philistines take the Ark of the Covenant and put it in the temple with Dagon, their god. In the morning, they find Dagon flat on his face before the Ark. They put him back, but the next morning they find him on his face with his extremities removed and sitting on the threshold of his temple. The people start getting boils and chaos reigned. They moved the Ark to another location, and the same problems occurred. When they move it a third time, the people begin to wail and scream before it is put on the ground, because they know that the God of that Ark has greater power than Dagon, their god. Many spend their days consumed with where the Ark may be, but I want you to understand that we, as Christians, are the Arks of God on this earth. Our hearts are His throne; therefore, we can help others see how foolish or fake their gods are compared to Yahweh. Our lives can be such a strong testimony that it creates conviction in the lives of those we work with, live with, or live next to. We do not have to be pushy, the Ark never said a word, but its presence spoke for itself. When God is alive and active in your life, His presence will speak for itself as we live according to His Word. God is so ready to deal with the false gods of our day, but He is waiting for that person who will give Him their heart as His throne and will walk humbly and faithfully with Him.

Help me, Lord, to live as Your Ark in this world. Help me to give my heart freely as Your throne and walk humbly and faithfully with You.