Saul had a long reign as the first king of Israel. Sadly, Saul never experienced God's best because of his rebellious ways. As he leads his army into battle against the Philistines, Saul knows this is going to turn out badly. The king and all three of his sons are killed during the battle. God's promise of future failure comes to pass on a battlefield. All future kings from Saul's line have been killed in battle paving the way for David to be the next king. We must understand that the outcome of this battle and of Saul's legacy could have been completely different, but he chose sin over sanctification. He put his own lusts and desires ahead of God's Word and brought God's wrath upon himself. Thankfully, we are saved from God's wrath through the sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary. God still expects us to walk in obedience to His Word and gives us clear guidance on how He wants us to live. He is not going to sit back and allow rebellion for long, because he loves you too deeply to leave you there. Discipline might not normally end in death, but I always know when God is punishing me for a misspoken word or rebellious act. Can you say that this morning? Do you know when God is disciplining you for a clear violation of His Word? If so, count it all joy, because you are one of His! Saul reminds us that God is sovereign and just in what He does, and that rebellion will never take us where we really want to go.

Help me, Lord, to walk in obedience to Your Word and confess sin when it creeps into my life. Help me to count it all joy when discipline comes my way, because I know without question that I am His and He is mine.