When David returns to Ziklag, he finds that it has been razed and all the people, including his two wives, have been taken captive. It is at this point when we begin to see even more leadership qualities in his life. The men immediately begin to blame David and plan to stone him. David did not panic; instead, he went to the Lord and asked for their next step. He realized that though he had nothing to do with the situation, he would still get blamed for it since he is the leader. God tells him to go and find his family and rescue them from the invaders. David gathers his men and marches toward the enemy. Two hundred of his men are exhausted and stay away from battle. With four hundred men, David decimates the Amalekites and rescues the families that were kidnapped. When they return to the two hundred who stayed back, those who fought begin to challenge their right to any of the spoil besides their families. David, however, stepped up and offered every man an even amount of spoil. Again, he reminded them that he is their leader, and they followed. Has God called you to a position of leadership whether in your family, at work, in your community, or at church? If so, take these qualities to heart. If you lead, you will receive the blame when things do not go perfectly. You can either give up and make it all about you, or you can stand up and give God all the glory. if you lead, you will have to make decisions that are not always easy or popular. This is your God-given responsibility so take it seriously as you walk faithfully with Him. We need godly leaders in our culture today? Could God be calling you today?

Help me, Lord, to turn to You first when things do not go exactly as planned so I can know the next steps we need to take. Help me to make wise decisions not because they are popular, but because they are right and bring the greatest honor to You.