David march with the kings of the Philistines as they ready for battle against Israel. The kings, however, joined together to deny David the right to fight because of his past loyalties to Israel. David asked "why" and then returned home to his family and his people. Would David have fought against Israel as the already anointed future king of Israel? I have no idea what would have happened, but I love that God stopped him from doing something that could have made a detrimental impact upon his future. God clearly said "no," and David had no choice but to listen. Does God intervene in our lives in that same manner? He definitely still works in our lives just like He did in David's life. At times, we never know what He has done because we have been rerouted by our GPS or have hit every red light in town. At other times, it is obvious that God is at work and that His answer is "no." It is at that moment that we must make a choice. Will we live in the flesh and do it anyway, or will we walk in the Spirit of obedience and listen to God's voice? That decision can have massive ramifications upon our future so take we must take it seriously. We have made sin simple, comfortable, and easy to participate in, but that does not mean we should see it in that manner. David might have never understood what God was doing, but He enjoyed Yahweh's protection in a future-changing moment.

Help me, Lord, to celebrate Your silent, unknown work in my life and not to complain when things do not go my way. Help me to walk in the Spirit of obedience when Your voice is clearly heard knowing You see my future and act accordingly.