When the pressure intensifies in life, how do you respond? As a Christ-follower, that answer should be constantly changing, because you are growing. In truth, however, we train our minds and bodies to react in a specific way and if we are not growing, we will go back to what is comfortable. Saul is feeling the pressure and cannot get relief from the prophets or priests. Once again, he does not wait upon the Lord; instead, he asks for a medium who will help him talk to Samuel, the deceased priest. Saul dresses up so he would not be recognized and visits a medium. She is able to conjure up the presence of Samuel who tells Saul exactly what is going to happen. This actually increases the pressure that he hoped to release. We do the same on many occasions when that pressure feels too strong. We go back to what is comfortable and to what has brought us a temporary peace from the pressure. The problem is we actually strengthen the pressure through the temporary release. If we are not careful, we go back over and over again to that comfortable place and move farther and farther away from Yahweh. Once again, God is reminding us of just how important a daily walk with Him really is. We need that daily time in the Scriptures and in prayer to keep us grounded in our faith no matter what comes our way. We must learn to walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh so that we can count it all joy in the fun times and in the difficult ones.

Help me, Lord, to find the strength needed to handle the pressure of life in You and not in my flesh. Help me to spend time in Your Word and in prayer every day knowing You are always preparing me for the next storm in life.