David finally understands that no matter how many times he proves himself to Saul, the king would continue to pursue him. He decides to go to the land of the Philistines and even asks for a city for he and his men to dwell in. Saul gave up his search and left David alone. David, meanwhile, raided cities in foreign nations to provide for his family and his followers. He did not concern himself with Saul or with the fame he gave up to move into Philistine territory. He got it. Do you? Are you still trying to please that one person who has never once been pleased with you? It could be a parent or a supervisor that can never see your success because he/she is consumed with your mistakes. Do you spend your days striving to please that person at any cost? David had to think about his family and his followers before he thought of himself. He moved for their protection and for their provision. Have you determined to do the same? Your life is more than pleasing that one person or the fame that you might encounter while doing so. This life is best lived with Jesus on the throne and priorities in the correct order: spouse, children, work, etc. You may never get the accolades you so deeply desire from that parent or supervisor, but you can rest assured that your Heavenly Father sees your successes and applauds each and every one.

Help me, Lord, to give You the throne of my life and to keep my priorities in the proper order. Help me to quit trying to please the "Sauls" in my life and focus my attention on pleasing You.