David has found a good work to keep he and his followers busy. Since David was a shepherd as a child, he understood the intricacies of the business and the dangers, thereof. He and his men start protecting the shepherds in the area with the understanding that when the shearing time occurred, they would be paid for their protection. David and his men are really good at this and expect payment. The future king sends some messengers to Nabal, a wealthy owner of sheep. He reminds Nabal of their faithful service and asks for a blessing for his work. Nabal refuses to provide any kind of payment and sends the men back to their leader empty-handed. David gathers four hundred men and vows to kill all the males in Nabal's household because of his wickedness. Abigail, Nabal's wife, hears of the injustice and prepares a feast for David's men. She meets him on the road and subdues the attack before it ever starts. When Nabal hears about it, he has a heart attack or possibly a stroke and dies within ten days. Abigail protected her home from destruction by doing what she knew was right in that situation. She was probably scared to face David, but she understood the seriousness of the situation and stepped up to protect her family. We who are blessed with a wife who loves the Lord and walks daily with Him should be consistently thankful for the precious gift we have received. Abigail is one wife and mother of many through the centuries who love God and their families and will do everything in their power to protect them.

Help me, Lord, to love my wife as You love me. Help me to always be thankful for the precious gift of a godly wife and help me to encourage and build her up every single day.