David and his men finally have Saul right where they want him. They are hiding in a cave when he walks in to "relieve himself." David's men feel that God has delivered the king into his hands and that he should act accordingly. David, however, sees it from a completely different perspective. He realizes that this was not really his fight; it was God's. Yahweh protected him to this point not so that he could kill the king but so that he could eventually sit on the throne himself. David knew what was right, and he did it. He cut a piece of Saul's robe to prove his point and then confronted the king with it. David knew that Saul was still God's anointed and until He removed the current king, his job was to wait patiently for His perfect timing. We love to take things into our own hands and push the limits God gives us in His Word. David was by no means perfect, but he did neither. He trusted God to provide for his needs and to protect him through the trials that life brought his way. Do you have that kind of faith? Are you willing to say, "thus saith the Lord," and walk away believing God will take care of the issue in His perfect time? Is our God even able to do what He did in the Old Testament? Our God is more than able, but He is looking for more men and women who have the faith that David revealed in this moment.

Help me, Lord, to set Your Word as my standard for life's actions and reactions. Help me to understand Your plan enough that I can wait until You are ready to work in a situation I am facing.