As David hides from Saul, his family comes to encourage him and for their own protection. Four hundred men who were "in distress, or in debt, or discontented" also followed David and pledged their allegiance to him. In the future, we will see how skillful David was in molding men for battle and for God's glory, but at this point, he is glad to have some men who will fight for him instead of against him. These four hundred men were not trained for battle, but they knew God had a bigger and better plan for Israel under their future king, David. God can bring those who will defend you from unexpected places. We need those people who protect us from the attacks of the flesh, of Satan, and of other people. As a child, that should have been one of your parent's responsibilities. If you are married, then that is one of your spouse's responsibilities. Is that enough? Most likely, it is not. God, however, sees those places where a defense is needed, and He provides at just the right moment. One of the keys to this process is an investment of time from the leader to whomever is serving with him/her. That investment must be on point with Scripture and focused upon the spiritual growth of those who follow. When we keep the focus there, we see a stronger loyalty, but we also see a complete change in the other person's life. That change has nothing to do with the leader; instead it is God's work in their lives through His Holy Spirit.

Help me, Lord, to love those people You put into my life to the point that I disciple them for spiritual growth. Help me to defend those who need to be defended and to accept the help of others when I am being attacked.