It is so easy to let problems steal our joy and our faith. We get consumed with the issue at hand and struggle to see anything else as a blessing. David is on the run and ends up in Nob where he finds food and a means to protect himself. Was that just some kind of crazy luck? Was it happenstance that Goliath’s sword was stored in Nob? As a Christ-follower, those lucky moments are actually God moments where He shows up and does something totally unexpected and providential. Those are some of the greatest moment in life, because we could not orchestrate a plan more perfectly. When a problem comes your way, how do you respond? Do you respond with anger, do you run away, do you fall back into bad habits, or do you respond with joy? We do not have the benefit of seeing David’s immediate response in this text, but we can assume he was thankful for God’s provision of his needs. A change in our response requires a culture shift in our lives. We must allow God to transform us into His image through the struggles, rejection, and trials we face. Even still, we might get angry, run away, or fall back into sin, but God’s Spirit will also be present to remind us of where we were and where God has taken us. Stop looking at problems as the end of the world, and start seeing God in the midst of them.

Help me, Lord, to respond to problems in a manner that honors You. Help me not to fall back into old modes of response learning from You exactly how to handle those moments in my life.