The struggle between Saul and David continues with Jonathan right in the middle. God has given David and Jonathan a friendship based on unconditional love and heartfelt respect. They make a covenant to protect each other's family if one of the men is killed. This covenant was unusual between the current prince and the future king. It was a perfect sign of just how close the two men were. When Saul again attacks David with a spear, he runs to Jonathan for help and for wisdom in the matter. The king's son finds out that the king is angry and jealous of David and that he wants him dead. Jonathan then has to tell his best friend the truth about his father and send him on his way for his own protection. This is what God has called friends to do for one another. First, we are completely honest about anything and everything in their lives. Then, we strive to protect them from those forces that want to "steal, kill, and destroy." Do you have people in your life who can do that? If you are married, does that describe your spouse's care for you? We need those kinds of people in our lives, including our spouses, to keep us on the safe and straight path. We need people who will be completely honest with us, and we need those who will protect us from harm. David and Jonathan had that kind of friendship! Do you have a true friend?

Help me, Lord, to be a true friend to those You bring into my life. Help me to be honest and protective of my friends while I allow them to do the same for me.