It had to be difficult for Jonathan that his father hated his best friend and wanted to kill him. He talked with both men and did his best to bring peace to a tragic situation. Eventually, they experienced a short-term cease-fire, and David returned to his duties as harpist for the king. It only took a short time for Saul to give into his flesh trying to kill the young shepherd with his spear. Two great lessons can be gleaned from these verses: God wants His people to be peacemakers. He has called us to bring His peace into the most difficult situations. We do that with unconditional love and faithful consistency. Neither of those traits are natural to us; therefore, we need God's Spirit to lead us in every peacemaking endeavor. We also see that an unwillingness to completely forgive someone never ends well. Saul could have forgiven David completely and enjoyed peace in his own life; instead, he held onto his anger and jealousy and allowed it to hurt both himself and David. Are you holding onto some anger, hatred, or bitterness? If so, God wants to bring peace to that situation in your life, but you must be willing to surrender to His will. Once you have done so, then God wants to use you as a peacemaker for others.

Help me, Lord, to bring peace into every situation that I face. Help me to forgive those who have offended me and get rid of the anger and jealousy that so easily destroys my life and the lives of those around me.