This had to be a difficult time for David. God already anointed him as the next king, but Saul was still on the throne and has decided he does not like the young shepherd any longer. After killing Goliath, David marries Saul’s daughter, Michal who loves him deeply, and Saul’s son, Jonathan, becomes David’s best friend. He is successful in all that he does and the people around him notice. Saul grows jealous of David’s success and especially the songs that exalt the future king above him. Even with all this success, David stayed humble and always open to God’s voice. He did not allow the positive words of others to puff him up and cause him to act in a manner that is opposite his character. David stayed true to himself through the exalted times and through the difficult ones. How do you handle success when God brings it your way? Are you always seeking the approval of those around you, or is God’s approval enough for you? David did not do what he did for applause or human exaltation; he did it all for the Lord. He sets an incredible example for us to follow; an example that our world seems to be lacking at the moment. As you journey through this day, keep your focus on the Almighty and let Him be your motivation for life.

Help me, Lord, to lay the accolades and pats on the back before Your throne so that my heart can be purely devoted to You. Help me to seek only Your approval in all that I do so that I can live in Your perfect plan for my life.