Jonathan takes matters into his own hands and attacks a Philistine outpost killing at least twenty men. His surprise attack sent the Philistine soldiers into a panic which allowed the rest of the army to push them back to their homeland. Jonathan was the catalyst for a great victory in Israel. Do you ever think of yourself as a catalyst for change or for a great victory? God has called us to stand out from the crowd, to be holy. He has done that so that we can have a great influence on those around us. It might seem that you are having no influence, but trust me, you are. People want to see you in multiple situations to watch your reactions to see if you are a legitimate follower of Christ. They are waiting for that person who is sold out to Jesus and lives it in every area of his/her life. God has called you to catalyst for change in your family, in your neighborhood or school, and in your church. Our flesh, however, prefers to blend in and be like everyone else. It prefers happiness over holiness. Are you walking in the flesh today, or are you walking in the Spirit? Is your goal happiness or holiness?

Help me, Lord, to be a catalyst for change in my world. Help me to seek after holiness in all that I do.