Saul finally takes his place as the first king of Israel and almost immediately creates problems between himself and God. He goes beyond his own authority given from the Scriptures and offers sacrifices to the Lord. He allowed his circumstances to overrule his sense of right and wrong. It is easy to do! We see a problem we want to fix or we feel everyone else is against us, so we act in our flesh and not in the Spirit. When Samuel, the priest who should have offered the sacrifices, shows up, he finds out what Saul has done and immediately reveals that God will raise up another king after His own heart. For almost thirty years, Saul had to live with the consequences of his sin, and in all honesty, it drove him crazy. We never see him confessing sin or repenting in any manner; instead he acts as if his actions were justified by the upcoming war. This attitude towards sin will never lead us to a closer walk with the Lord. When we are holding on to our sin, we have no way to reach out to Him. We live in a world where people are not supposed to judge each other's sin, but we must all understand that we have a Judge who sees all our actions and attitudes and knows our deepest thoughts. He will judge according to His standard for righteousness and nothing else. Do you live your life in light of this matter? Living by our own standard will lead to untold drama and a loss of faith. Saul's life proves that, and so do the lives of many more who were unwilling to confess their sin in true repentance.

Help me, Lord, to confess my sin daily before You. Help me to live by Your standard for life and not by my own.