As Samuel finishes his reign as the last judge in Israel, he asks the people if he has done anything to offend them or has stolen from them in any way. They respond with a little shock admitting that he never offended them or stole from them. He served the Lord faithfully according to the people, and they were thankful. Samuel uses this opportunity to encourage and unite his people behind the God who has saved them from the jaws of death. He reminds them of all the problems their forefathers experienced in Egypt and in the wilderness. He challenges them to walk faithfully with Yahweh and to watch Him do the miraculous in their lives and in their nation. Samuel uses his position for the good of the people, because he wants the best for these people that he has served for so long. As a pastor, Sunday is one of my favorite days, because I get to use my position at Faith to proclaim the truth of God's Word and help our congregants and guests have a real, life-changing encounter with God. Believe it or not, you have that opportunity, as well. It might not be in a pulpit, but you can preach at home, at work, in your neighborhood and wherever you go. You can always be ready to listen when people are hurting and be the first one to celebrate their successes. You can encourage them to take the right path in life and not the easy one. Samuel did just that. I pray I do that every Sunday in the pulpit of Faith. You can do the same if you see every moment as an opportunity to positively impact other people.

Help me, Lord, to use the position or the job or the plot of land that You have given me to preach the truth of who You are and how You want us to live. Help me to be ready to listen to those who are hurting and to celebrate with those have experienced success.