After his anointing, Saul returns home to his work. I suspect he had no idea how to "act like a king." When a report comes out about an attack on Jabesh Gilead, Saul gathers his troops from all the tribes of Israel and leads them into battle filled with the Spirit of God. The number of troops was staggering and when unified under one king, they routed the Amorites who attacked one of their villages. The people gathered around Saul after the victory and once again declared him their king. This was an important step in his future leadership of this nation. Leaders do not have the luxury to "go with the flow" or to sit back and wait. When God directs, a leader must act accordingly. Saul knew what he was supposed to do, and he did it. Leadership can be lonely at times, and it can also create conflict. The reality is: we never truly grow without conflict. Godly leaders have only one goal and that is the health of those who follow. How many godly leaders do you have in your life? As God's kids, we need their leadership to stay on task with God's plan for our lives. We need them to protect us from ourselves at times and to jump start a right walk with God. Saul did exactly what God told him to do, and the people followed his lead. Will you follow the godly leaders God has placed in your life?

Help me, Lord, to put myself under the godly leadership You have brought into my life. Help me follow their lead even when it creates conflict or challenges me beyond what I think I can do.