Samuel anoints Saul as king of Israel by God's decree. He announces to the small group gathered there that they have a king and several men immediately forsake all to follow and protect him. Saul's response is a little scary, because he does not tell anyone what has happened, and he then hides in the luggage of those who came to this momentous event. He is found and brought before the crowd, and they celebrated their new king. Saul's reactions reveal an issue that will arise regularly throughout his reign. Fear and jealousy are two dangerous traits that can easily destroy our testimonies and bring God's discipline into our lives. When Saul surrendered to them consistently, it became his lifestyle and created major issues with the other leaders in Israel. God still had a plan for Saul and so he was anointed as king of Israel and was seated on it's throne. His reign was filled with missteps, but he accomplished what God put him on the throne to accomplish. He set up the kingdom for David who would follow after God's heart and lead the nation to spiritual revival and peace in the land. When you encounter those people who are ruled by fear and jealousy, just remember God has a plan for them, as well. Love them, encourage them, and walk with them through the struggles knowing He can use them to accomplish His perfect will.

Help me, Lord, to live by faith and a perfect peace that I do not need what others have. Help me to lead in a manner that is positive and challenging so that others can become all that God has created them to be.