Elkanah has two wives. One that is barren, and one that is fertile. He loves the barren wife more than the fertile one even though she has produced many children for him. This creates strife between the two women. Hannah, the barren wife, prays for a son each year in the temple in Jerusalem when she and her family observe the Passover. On one occasion, the priest, Eli, was sitting in the temple gate and saw Hannah praying quietly to herself. He assumed she had been drinking and asked her to leave, but she responded with a heartfelt plea to stay and pray. Eli makes amends by promising her whatever it is she is praying for. Nine to nine and a half months later, Hannah had a beautiful baby boy that she named Samuel. She raised Samuel until he was weaned and then took him back to the temple and gave him to Eli. Hannah made a promise to God that she is now keeping by leaving her son in the priest's possession. Hannah waited her whole life for a child and now she is giving him to the Lord. Why would she do such a thing? She knew that Samuel would be safer and happier in the center of God's will rather than in the center of her home. Even though it had to be difficult, she wanted her son's best. As parents, that should be our ultimate goal. It is not about making our kids happy, it is all about making them holy. They need to know God and walk in His will to reach their full potential. It starts when we dedicate ourselves to raising holy kids for God's honor.

Help me, Lord, to dedicate my children to You knowing they will accomplish much for Your kingdom. Help me to stop casting my own dreams on my children and give them fully to You for disciple-making and kingdom-building.