Peter provides a powerful insight into those who share the Gospel with the lost and bring encouragement to the saved. He says they are "sent from heaven." Do you ever think of those who minister to you as gifts from heaven? We are all God's vessels and should never claim the glory that only God deserves. He tells them to "prepare their minds for action" and keep sober in spirit..." Again, he reminds us that we are instruments He uses for a greater good than we can imagine. As we walk in obedience sharing the Gospel and encouraging the saints, God uses us as a heavenly gift to those we are ministering to. How can that happen? How can I go from being an all-out, no doubt sinner to a vessel prepared for the Father's use? It only happens through the perfect "blood of Christ." Once I hear the truth and accept the truth, everything changes in my life. My spiritual life changes. My social life changes. My emotional life changes simply because of the blood of Jesus. How many people do you know that need the transforming power of Jesus in their lives? They seem so focused upon a world that is withering away, while we focus our attention upon the "word of the Lord" which "endures forever." Is God calling you to be His heaven-sent messenger to a co-worker who needs Jesus or even to a church member who is hurting and in need?

Help me, Lord, to touch the lives of those You bring into my life as Your heaven-sent messenger. Help me to focus my attention upon Your eternal Word and not upon this world that is fading away right in front of us.