Solomon finishes the temple and his palace and starts rebuilding and fortifying cities in his kingdom. He dealt with his own needs and then began to branch out to meet the many needs of his people. Why is that so important? If the foundation of my life is cracking, it is going to be difficult to to help others build a strong one. I must focus first on my personal, spiritual journey and then venture out into ministry to others. How many people has the church set up for failure, because we did not take the time to train them before sending them out? If that core is not strong, we have nothing to work from, to serve from, to love from. Did you get it backwards? Were you so zealous to help others that you forgot to get your own house in order? When Jesus saves me, He moves in and starts cleaning out all the closets, attics, and basements. He begins to rearrange and to solidify our lives for ministry. Discipleship is not guaranteed; it takes work and time and the investment of others in our lives. It is not quick and easy, but it is desperately needed in our churches today. When a person joins our church, we assume they are growing Christ-followers, but are they really? We will never know if we are not willing to spend the time necessary to see where they are and disciple them to maturity.

Help me, Lord, to lead others toward spiritual growth, as I grow daily in my walk with You. Help me to disciple those who are interested in building their faith and serving in ministry for Your glory.