As the people celebrate the placement of the Ark of the Covenant in the temple, who gets all the credit and whose name is lifted up? It would be easy for Solomon to claim the credit for all his hard work. After all, he is king of Israel, and he did serve as contractor for the construction, but he did not take credit for the temple. Even though this temple would forever be known as Solomon's temple, the king reflected all the glory and all the fame for its successful construction to the Lord. Yahweh did this beautiful work, and Yahweh will continue that work by continuing the lineage of David on the throne of Israel/Judah. As you worship with other believers, who or what normally consumes your focus? Is it the person singing too loud or off key? Is it the singing group and even perceived problems you may have with them? Is it the length of the pastor's sermons or the translation of the Bible he chooses to use in the pulpit? None of those concerns have anything to do with worship. Worship is focused solely upon God and blocks out all the other distractions. In worship, the Almighty gets all the glory and the accolades for the work that is done. His Name is lifted high, and His Word is given preeminence both in the music and in the message. Have you determined to give God all the credit for the marvelous works that He is doing? He deserves it!

Help me, Lord, to reflect all of the glory and fame to You. Help me to walk in humility today as I focus on the needs of others and watch You work through me to do the incredible!