After spending seven years building God's temple, Solomon takes thirteen years to build his palace. He was the contractor and hired certain people to construct this magnificent work of art. As you read, it becomes obvious that Solomon had a plan for his new home. He did not "fly by the seat of his pants;" instead the king understood every detail of the project and hired people accordingly. The end result was a grand monument to God's goodness upon His people and especially upon His king. A grand monument does not just happen; it takes detail planning and a commitment to excellence. Solomon clearly mastered both. Have you? I understand that we are not going to match Solomon's wisdom, but I do believe that we can choose to focus on the details and strive for excellence in all that we do. Many Christ-followers would rather just coast through life figuring it will all work out in the end. I do not believe God wants us to see life from that perspective. He wants us to learn and grow and plan for the future. He wants to build in us a magnificent monument of His beautiful work in people's lives. How can that happen? First and foremost, we must make a daily quiet time a priority. If we are not growing spiritually, we are going to struggle to hear God's voice and plan accordingly.

Help me, Lord, to make a daily quiet time a priority in my life. Help me to stop coasting through life and to start seeking Your perfect plan and live according to it.