Can you imagine the excitement throughout the city of Jerusalem as construction workers broke ground on the first temple? I have no doubt that Solomon was euphoric, and I know without question that he saw God's hand upon every facet of the project. God gave the provisions, the people, and the oversight to complete this building project in seven years. The writer tells us that God was in the center of all that was happening, and Solomon was just the spokesman. When we are walking right in the center of God's will, it is obvious. That does not mean that we will have no struggles, because we definitely will. I suspect Solomon had workers who slept in and showed up late or got sick and could not work for a period of time. It is called life, and sometimes it gets in the way of our perfect plans. Even still, Solomon knew God was in the center of this building project, because every obstacle was overcome and every battle was won. If the wisest man to walk on this earth besides Jesus gives God all the credit and celebrates His work, then should we not follow his lead? God is constantly building you into His temple. That does not happen overnight, nor does it guarantee absolute success. It does, however, give us clear insight into God's work and sets us free to give Him all the glory for what He is doing.

Help me, Lord, to see Your beautiful work in my life and to give You all the credit for it. Help me to celebrate Your provision and protection each day as I strive to walk closely with You.