Wisdom is a willingness to admit you cannot do everything and, at times, need some special assistance. Solomon was wealthy, and his people were reaping the benefits of his wisdom both nationally and economically. He, however, knew nothing about cutting down trees and preparing them for construction. King Hiram, on the other hand, was world renowned for such endeavors, and Solomon goes to him asking for his help in collecting the materials to build the temple of God. How easy is it for us to only want to depend upon ourselves? We trust ourselves and seek what is best for ourselves, but sometimes we need someone to step in and assist us in our struggles. Wisdom reveals a willingness to admit your imperfections and inabilities and a readiness to ask for help when it is needed. Solomon set the perfect example for us to follow, as he modeled humility and delegation. Even as a supervisor or manager, it is important that we admit when someone else is more capable to do a job. If we are unwilling to do so, then we will wallow in our inabilities and miss the beautiful work God wants to do in our lives through those around us.

Help me, Lord, to readily ask for help when my inabilities and imperfections reveal themselves. Help me to bless others as they pour out blessings on me.