Wisdom is the key to Israel's great success during Solomon's reign. God bestowed incredible wisdom upon the new king, and he put it to use in organizing his kingdom and in the study of life, the earth, and the heavens. People came from around the world to hear his wisdom applied to a multitude of topics. He enjoyed incredible peace throughout his kingdom and brought great wealth to its citizens. Can you imagine having that kind of wisdom? God promised him wisdom and then provided it. All Solomon had to do was trust that God would keep that promise and apply that wisdom in every facet of his life. God has made us many promises, as well. Do we have that same kind of faith? Do we really believe that God will keep every promise He has made? Until our faith grows to the point that we believe every promise found in the Scriptures, we will never find the kind of success that Solomon enjoyed. Faith is the key to Solomon's great wisdom, and faith will be the key to any success that we enjoy in this life, as well. Are you ready to start trusting God and His promises? He was faithful to Solomon, and He will do the same for each person who walks by faith.

Help me, Lord, to walk by faith just as Solomon did. Help me to experience the fulfillment of Your promises as I grow in my faith and listen closely to Your voice.