God gave Solomon a blank check and told him to use it in whatever way he desired. Solomon immediately responds with a request for wisdom to discern the needs of his people. God is so pleased with his request that he also gives him wealth and renown in his country and around the world. Solomon's first opportunity to use his wisdom appears in the form of two prostitutes and one newborn baby. The new king believed that God kept his promise and endowed him with wisdom, and he acted accordingly. The truth was revealed and the people were amazed by his ability to discern right from wrong. A more in depth study of Solomon's life reveals a man who studied constantly and grew in his wisdom over the years. The greatest examples of his wisdom are found in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. If God ever offered you a blank check in life, what would you spend it on? Solomon knew what he needed to rule the nation of Israel so he asked God for it. He was more concerned with the people he ruled and less concerned about his own wealth and honor. Can you honestly say that today? Are you consistently asking for wisdom in every area of your life, or have you decided that you know it all on your own?

Help me, Lord, to seek after wisdom in every area of my life. Help me to apply that wisdom as You abundantly provide it and strive to use it to minister to those You have brought into my path.