We so like to hide or harbor our sin to protect ourselves. We think that if it is hidden where no one else can see it, then surely God cannot see it either. We seem to forget that God cannot be deceived by our human trickery; He knows all, and He sees all. Ahab never figured that out. A prophet tells him that he will die in battle, so the king of Israel figures that he will dress like the other soldiers while Jehoshaphat, the king of Judah, dresses in his royal robes. The author tells us that an arbitrary arrow shot into the air hits Ahab in a place that is not covered by armor. He lives for a short time, but eventually loses his life just as the prophet said he would. Even in disguise, God knew exactly where Ahab was and determined his future with a off-target arrow. In the last chapter, we were reminded that Ahab was the most wicked king to sit on the throne of Israel or Judah to this point. He had many sins to pay for, and his disguises could not stop that from happening. What are you hiding or harboring today? Sin is serious business and will always take you deeper than you ever planned to go. Addicts did not go into that first hit or drink hoping to get so dependent on it that they could not stop. It is true in every situation when it comes to sin. Today is the day to bring that darkness into the light. Stop hiding what God already sees and allow others to help you overcome that sin!

Help me, Lord, to stop hiding and harboring my sin. Help me to seek You first and find Your strength to overcome the battles with sin I face everyday.