Ahab was a wicked king. His wife, Jezebel, took his wickedness to new levels. She clearly loved power and had no problem using it to destroy a person. She does so with Naboth, the owner of the vineyard who refused to give his legacy to the king. Jezebel has Naboth falsely accused and then has him stoned. Again, she has no conscious when it comes to life and death. Sound familiar? The senses of our nation have been dulled by the constant violence and the selfish attitudes that dominate our culture. Abortion continues to decimate the population in the United States, while violent crime is continually rising in major cities around this land. As Christians, are we standing against the murder and violence that now rules our nation? God was not pleased with Ahab or Jezebel and sent Elijah to confront and condemn them for their horrible sins. He did not sit back and accept their murderous actions; instead, He stood against those actions that hurt an innocent man. God was not pleased then, and He is not pleased now. He stands against murder and violence and challenges us, as His kids, to do the same. Have we become so indifferent to our culture that we have stopped standing against it? May it never be! God's church must stand against murder and violence in our culture, or we will meet more modern-day "Ahabs" and "Jezebels."

Help me, Lord, to overcome the indifference that has numbed my senses and to stand against murder and violence in our culture. Help me to personally stay away from sin and to teach my kids the importance of love and kindness in our culture.