God surprises Ahab by guaranteeing Him victory over one of his most powerful enemies. Since Ahab never followed the Lord or sought His direction, it is amazing that God would do such. He, however, keeps His Word and Ahab defeats the enemy king twice in the span of a year. After the war was over and the enemy king was in exile, word is brought to Ahab about a complete surrender and the king turning himself in. Ahab decides to set the enemy king free without any extra repercussions even though God told him to do the exact opposite. Even after God's great work through him, Ahab did not seek the Lord and strive to follow His will. He did exactly what he wanted to do with no concern for Yahweh's plan. The end result is God's promise to end the reign of Ahab and put another king on the throne of Israel. I know that God is at work in many of your lives. He is proving Himself in your finances, your health, your job, your friends and the list could continue into infinity. Will you "submit" to God instead of seeking your own plan? Will you put the Almighty's plan ahead of your own? This allows God to pour even more of His grace upon His people. When, however, we choose to rebel against God's plan or simply never seek it at all, then we have to face the consequences of those choices just like Ahab did. Are you ready to submit your heart, your family, your work and all other facets of your life to God? Are you willing to seek His will and not Your own? God is patiently waiting for You to submit. Will today be the day?

Help me, Lord, to submit to Your plan as I continue to enjoy Your amazing grace in my everyday life. Help me to seek Your will before I try to make a decision in my own flesh.