As David prepares to leave this earth for eternity, Solomon solidifies his hold on his throne by dealing with some issues that his father left for him. A new leader can be such an incredible blessing, but he/she will also have to deal with some difficult issues early on simply because the former leader left them unresolved. This is one of the hardships of leadership. We have a clear standard in Scripture, and we cannot question or challenge that standard; instead, we must seek to honor God by building our homes, businesses, and churches by His standard and not our own. Usually, this causes some problems with some people, but if a leader knows where God is leading and is committed to getting there, then he/she will not sit back and watch the sheep wander away from God's plan. This is a huge part of our calling as leaders. We must catch God's vision and then cast that vision to the people. If Solomon had done any of this in his flesh, he would have made a mess of the situation. He chose to listen to his father's wise advice and act accordingly. His actions may not have been popular, but they were driven by a deep desire to stay in the center of God's plan. Parents, business owners and managers, and pastors have been called by God to make a powerful impact upon the people under their care. This cannot happen if we sit back and allow the flock to wander. We must lead!

Help me, Lord, to stand as the leader You have called me to be making those tough decisions that others might not want to make. Help me to listen to Your Word and obey it as it leads me to Your plan for my life, my family, my business, and/or my church.