This has to be an all-time favorite scene in the Scriptures.  Elijah comes out of hiding and immediately goes to King Ahab who has been looking high and low for him.  He tells the king to gather all the prophets of Baal and meet him on Mt. Carmel.  The prophet then challenges them to make a sacrifice to their god without using fire.  If Baal was god, then he would send fire from his place of refuge and burn up the sacrifice.  After spending the day trying to get Baal’s attention, Elijah rebuilds the altar of God and asks for three barrels of water to be poured upon the sacrifice.  He then prayed for Yahweh to reveal Himself to these people.   Suddenly, fire came down from heaven and burned up the sacrifice, the altar, and everything else in the vicinity.  The people immediately fell on their faces before God and confessed Him as Lord.  This is one of the great victories of the Old Testament, because it reminds us that our God can do what no other god or person can do.  He can defy the laws of nature to reveal Himself to a person or a group of people.  His power is unmatched on this earth and gives us complete security, because He is able to save us, provide for our needs and protect us.  Have you put your faith fully in Him?  Do you believe that Jesus gave it all so you could be set free from sin and death?  Are you waiting for some miraculous moment to convince You of who God is?  Elijah had no doubt that God would respond.  Do you?

Help me, Lord, to stand for You when no one else will.  Help me to trust You fully not only for my salvation but for every other need and struggle I may have.