Elijah spoke the words exactly as God told him to.  His life was in jeopardy, because he controlled the rain by God’s power.  God tells Elijah to hide for his protection and provides for all his needs.  Once one chain of supply dried up, God sent his prophet to a widow to meet his every need.  The widow had to walk by faith to provide for the prophet.  It is beautiful to think that this woman would choose faith over fear and enjoy God’s incredible blessings on herself, her son, and her guest.  Are you walking by faith?  Fear rules most people’s hearts and minds and stunts God’s ability to truly pour out His blessings upon their lives.  Is that true in your life?  This widow grew in her faith and learned more about herself than maybe at any other time in her life.  She already faced hardships and tragedies through the loss of her husband, but her faith in God was restored.   What will it take to restore your faith?  You must take a step of faith!  George Mueller ran an orphanage in the late 1800s.  When he was told that the orphanage had no food or money to buy food, he told the workers to set the table for dinner.  Why?  He walked by faith.  He believed God would provide, and He did.  A food truck turned over in front of the orphanage and the driver gave all the food to the orphans.  If George had not been a man of faith, he and the orphans would never have experienced that incredible blessing.  They would have missed it completely.  Will you miss those amazing blessings in your own life?

Help me, Lord, to walk by faith no matter how desperate the situation may seem.  Help me to enjoy Your incredible blessings that only come when I trust You enough to step outside my comfort zone to find Your will.