All these kings mentioned in this book have one characteristic in common -- they are all confident in their abilities to successfully run a country. Few of them have any thought of God, they just believe they can do it. Sadly, most of these kings fail horribly, because they are depending upon human wisdom instead of the wisdom that comes from above. Where does your confidence come from? Is it a false confidence based upon human thoughts and ideas, or is it the true confidence that comes from knowing and walking with Jesus. In my weakness, I sometimes surrender to the onslaught of anxious and depressive thoughts; thoughts that undermine my confidence and distract me from my purpose in life. If I am not careful, that will lead me into sinful thinking which never does anything good for my life, my family, or my church. Sin, on many occasions, creates a false sense of confidence and destroys my testimony in the process. My only hope in those moments is to fall once again at the feet of Jesus asking for His forgiveness and the fullness of His Spirit. I know that Jesus makes me the husband, father, and pastor that I am today. I know that He provides all the confidence I could ever need through His unconditional love and acceptance of me as His son. Many of the kings of Israel and Judah had a confidence that came from the flesh. Where do you find your confidence?

Help me, Lord, to find my confidence in You. Help me to surrender those anxious and depressive thoughts to You so that You can remind me of who I am in Your kingdom!