The power of the ancient kings created some serious issues with the people of Israel and Judah. While Israel never had a godly king on their throne, Judah had both godly and ungodly kings. The godly kings, like Asa, tore down all the shrines made to false gods and led the people back to the Lord. Sadly, an ungodly king would normally follow and lead the people away from the Lord. Judah's only blessing came because of David, their forefather and a faithful follower of Yahweh. Should a king or ruler have that much authority? Can we always guarantee that a godly man will sit on the "throne"? We must never forget how fickle our souls can be towards the things of God. We are easily distracted by sin and readily give in at the most inopportune times. Do you make all the decisions in your own life like the kings of Israel and Judah did? Do you hold all the authority and make life-changing choices according to your "gut"? God wants to be king of our lives. He wants to give you wisdom to make decisions that honor Him. He needs to be your authority in life and His still, small voice must be your guide. My flesh will never lead me to God's best; therefore, I must step off the throne of my life and give Jesus complete freedom to fulfill His will through me.

Help me, Lord, to surrender my hopes, dreams and goals to You and to Your plan for my life. Help me to step off the throne of my life and give You complete control of every word, attitude, and action.