God sends one of his men to Israel to tell them of His plan for their future. He decrees their future destruction and then returns home to Judah. God clearly tells him to go and come straight back without any food or drink. A prophet heard of the message of the man of God and stopped him on his journey home. He invited the man back to his home for food and drink. When the man refused, the prophet deceived him and signed his death warrant. The man of God went to the prophet's home, ate and drank with him, and then headed home on his donkey. A lion attacked him on the road home and killed the man of God, but it does not touch the donkey or the man's servant. While we do not necessarily have a prophet lying to us about God's plan, we do have an enemy that is really good at doing so. Satan loves to deceive God's people with half-truths and ideas that sound really good. He is constantly pushing his own agenda trying to make it sound super-spiritual and vital to our current journey. When God clearly reveals His plan, we would be wise to listen and stick to whatever He says. We cannot get deceived, because the consequences are difficult to deal with.

Help me, Lord, to listen closely to Your voice and obey exactly what You tell me to do. Help me to stop listening to the enemy who is only out to "steal, kill, and destroy."