After Solomon's death, his son, Rehoboam is crowned his successor. The people immediately go to him begging him to lessen their workload. Rehoboam asks for three days and seeks counsel from his father's wise men and then from friends that he grew up with. He took the advice of the young advisers and promised to make the people's work even harder. The ten tribes of Israel immediately rebel against the king and crown Jeroboam as their new king. With one decision, Rehoboam lost half of his kingdom. Who do you seek advice from? Do you look to people who are walking with God and speaking from His Word? Do you seek advice from those who are currently rebelling against God and speaking only from their own wisdom? That answer will determine how far you go in life and the impact you will make on this world. While not all church attenders are growing in their faith, some are, and they are the ones you must look to for wise advice. Just as Rehoboam lost half his kingdom with one poor decision, you and I can destroy our marriages, our families, our children, or our parents by listening to the wrong people. If you are a Christ-follower, then start by seeking His wisdom and then find those who are walking with Him and learn all that you can about the decision you are making. Decisions determine our destiny, and wise decisions promise an incredible future.

Help me, Lord, to seek advice from those who are walking closely with You. Help me to make decisions that build up my marriage, my family, my children, and my parents!