The queen of Sheba comes to town to inspect all that she has heard about Solomon and the Israelite army. As you read, it becomes obvious that she thought the rumors to be extravagant and over-stated. When she arrived, however, the queen realized that she had not heard half of the story. The kingdom was overflowing with gold, silver, and ivory. It had beautiful palaces and the magnificent temple. She heard Solomon judge his people and found incredible wisdom in the king. She was impressed beyond measure, and she knew who got the glory for all that she saw. Solomon, in his wisdom, did not take any of the credit for the wealth or the wisdom; instead, he gave every ounce of it to Yahweh. The queen knew that God was powerful and provided freely for those who followed Him. She left with no doubt about the existence of the God of Israel. Why? Solomon walked with the Lord and enjoyed incredible goodness from the Almighty. Are we having that kind of impact upon those around us who have never met Jesus? Our impact does not just happen during the over-the-top blessed moments in life; it also happens when we respond to tragedy and hardship in a manner that honors the Lord and trusts His plan. As matter of fact, I suspect that is one of God's greatest evangelistic tools on earth today. People need to see the difference that Jesus makes so they can make an educated decision about following Him. Will you step up and be counted as one who is ready to show the world the incredible love and grace of our King?

Help me, Lord, to walk so closely with You that people cannot help but notice Your power and Your provision. Help me to give You all the credit for the good in my life and my reactions to the difficult moments.