David has grown old and is no longer able to rule Israel effectively. He is also having issues with body temperature and being cold all the time. His friends find a young, beautiful maiden to take care of the king and to keep him warm. If you are like me, that statement makes me wary of what was really happening. It seems the writer understood that and made it clear that nothing inappropriate was happening. That is important, because it reminds us that David is still walking with the Lord in his old age. He has not surrendered to his flesh and his weakness and allowed sin to take control. When he is told that one of his sons has taken over the throne, David stands up and announces his choice for his successor, Solomon. Even in his fragile state, David has no problem standing for what is right and good and God-honoring. We make all kinds of excuses for why we rebel against the Lord. David reminds us that we have no excuse. God has given us the most amazing gift in His Son, and we have the privilege, not the right, to walk closely with Him and serve Him faithfully. Honestly, we love to hear that until an issue arises and then we sulk away in our anger and hurt and choose rebellion over forgiveness and continued spiritual growth. It is truly a choice we make. David chose to stay pure even in his old age when he was always cold, and we choose to walk closely with or to rebel against our God.

Help me, Lord, to serve You faithfully in the good times and in the difficult ones. Help me to stay pure before You never allowing the sin of rebellion to take hold of my heart and mind.