How often do you ask God for something and feel as if He is not answering?  The Scriptures promise that He will answer us (Jeremiah 33:3), but He may not give us the answer we asked for.  John reminds us to pray according to His will.  How can we do that?  We do it with the help of the Holy Spirit, the One who guides us to truth and transports our prayers to the Father.  Without the Holy Spirit living and working in us, we are going to struggle to see prayers answered.  When we choose to walk in sin, the Bible goes so far as to remind us that He does not hear us.  It is a real choice that each person has to answer; will I️ surrender to the Spirit, or will I️ surrender to sin?  That choice will determine the success of your prayer life.  We can never forget that we have been called to live abundantly and that happens through successful prayer.  As we grow in our walk with God, we begin to recognize His hand and His work and pray accordingly.  Supplication is a Bible word that simply means to pray for the supply of other’s needs.  This is what God has called us to!  A life consumed with praying for others with an understanding that God will take care of us.  Is He listening to you?  He is though sometimes He answers something other than “yes.”  The answer could be “no” or possibly even “not yet.”  In any case, He answers!  Keep praying, my friends, and watch God do miraculous works in your lives, your families, and your churches.

Help me, Lord, to walk closely with You knowing that You will lead me to a successful prayer life.  Help me to pray for the needs of others instead of focusing all my prayer time on me.