How many times have you heard these words: “Greater is He that is in me than he who is in the world”?  Every time we hear those world, they remind us of the incredible power our God encapsulates and then extends to His children.  Satan longs to steal those words from our hearts.  He wants us to believe that we do not need God’s power in our lives; we can simply live in the flesh and then die.  Jesus did not come to this earth to serve as our propitiation so we can live in the flesh and walk in defeat.  He saved us to walk in the Light and to find purpose in His kingdom.  His Name should resonate above every name coming from our mouths.  He is our Hope!  He is our Reason!  He is our Everything; therefore, He should be the greatest focus of our speech.  When you find a pastor who you feel you can follow, listen for that Name in his daily life, in his work life, and in his preaching and teaching.  Jesus is greater than he who is in the world.  Do you believe that?  Are you willing to forsake the “normal” in our culture to walk in the Light?  This is how we love Him.  We walk sacrificially and unconditionally in the Light.  Do you want to love Him more?  John reminds us that the key ingredient to loving Jesus is to understand His incredible love for us.  When we begin to understand His love, we are drawn to it.  Our love is a reaction to His love for us.  Are you walking in the Light?  Have you experienced God’s love to the point that you have no real choice?  

Help me, Lord, to walk in the Light knowing that Your plan leads to victory in life.  Help me to love you a little more everyday, as I️ grow in my understanding of Your incredible love.